kasalanan ko ba?

I woke up this morning reading a text message from my friend pat telling me that while she was in the bus, on her way from from work, out of the blue, she thought of me and you. That’s so random mare but so sweet. hahaha!

Coincidentally, I woke up to a dream of me with you.

Finally back to school after a 9 day “vacation”. When I got home from school, upon entering my house, the song “kasalanan ko ba, kung iniibig kita, di ko naman sinasadya, ang mahalin kita, minahal kita, kasalanan ko ba kung ang nadarama ay pag-ibig na tapat, mapipigil ko ba kung mahal kitang talaga” was playing on the radio. TINAMAAN ako ng malupit eh. haha!

Then, I was just reading a book. Then my globe phone rang. One message received. It’s from someone who is affiliated in Josiah’s Catering. She said, “I would like to ask if do you already have a caterer on your wedding?” Nawindang ako eh! Di ko kinaya! My wedding? LOL. I replied, “I’m not yet getting married, wish I am.” Kamote din ako eh!

Then I was looking for my Taxes book ’cause I need to find out something about my business, then I got the book and opened it. I realized that it’s not my Taxes book but my Civil Code book. And Voila! I opened it to the right page, MARRIAGE LAWS. Kamusta ka naman?

Is that a sign? BOO!

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