My Goal as a Paulinian is this…

So my sister, Rissey graduated from high school this morning, from the same Alma Mater, seven years after mine - with more medals than me. LOL It isn't my first time going back to St. Paul College, Pasig after I graduated in 2004. But it felt like one awhile ago for the familiar faces I... Continue Reading →

Alma Mater to Alma Mater

Last night Sir Bong called me up and asked if I could join him as an alumnus of both ESA and SPCP to this year's batch of Seniors for the college fair. I was ecstatic because finally, I'll come to my highschool with flying colors - now being a college graduate with an award, the... Continue Reading →

Officially a GRADUATE

After 2 hours of beautifying myself, c/o my ever galing make up artist. After another 2 hours of delay because of the late togas. After 30 minutes speeches from Sir Joel and the guest speaker. Finally, my name was called. Margaux Kryscel Hemady BS Entrepreneurship I take my final bow. Ohhhh wait. I was called... Continue Reading →

I'm Officially Grad-Waiting!

I haven't got a decent sleep since our final paper was due weeks ago. Then, my final recital came up, time to do the presentation and video. I literally don't sleep. I'm tenser than tense. Stressed than stressed. And totally unfocused!Actually, what's weird was a few days before the recital, I was already panicking and... Continue Reading →

Summer 2010 is about to end

So, it's already the third to the last day of May, which meant - Summer's almost over. But I am not yet ready to say good bye yet. Please. Wag muna, I deserve a break from all the emotional damage that this month has given me. It was a whirlwind month - I was either... Continue Reading →

And Yes! I passed!

This morning, during the mass, the Homily was about Mama Mary rejoicing/worshipping the Lord for choosing her to the Mother of Jesus. As she also gave thanks for that.I really think that the Gospel reading for the day was a sign.A Sign for me, for today is my big day in school, presentation of my... Continue Reading →


Today was supposedly my lucky day, but due to uncontrollable forces, it wasn't. I hated every bit of it. I was groggy, no sleep at all, tired!STRESS!PRESSURE!DEMANDS!It's all part of the game.It's all part of the story.It's all part of what it's gonna be.Bare with it.These are the pillars of success, add up hard work,... Continue Reading →

Magic School Bus

The schoolbus forgot to pick up my sister this morning. For one, tito tom isn't used to picking her up anymore because since her busy schedule started last school year, my mom thought of dropping her from the school bus because it will be a waste of money since she's not riding it home and... Continue Reading →

First Day Funk*

For the nth time, I'm welcoming my "first day in school" for the term. I was gonna be there early dapat but when I was about to log out, Auntie Grace (who's in Cali) called our landline to tell me to go online in facebook. Then, I was about to log out na talaga when... Continue Reading →


As what the title suggests, I really got a lot of things to do and I don't know where to begin actually. Parang nahalo halo ko na. I want to do this and that pero because of time pressure, hindi ko magawa. I'm so stressed with school duties (which was due last week, but I... Continue Reading →

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