Officially a GRADUATE

After 2 hours of beautifying myself, c/o my ever galing make up artist.
After another 2 hours of delay because of the late togas.
After 30 minutes speeches from Sir Joel and the guest speaker.

Finally, my name was called.
Margaux Kryscel Hemady

BS Entrepreneurship

I take my final bow.

Ohhhh wait.

I was called again.

Special Award: Leadership Awardee

Kamay kay Sir Joel & VKT, sabi nila parehas – “THANK YOU”
sabi ni Sir Joel “thank you eh ano, imbis na congratulations”

Nagets ko kung bakit.

You’re most welcome Sir Joel/VKT, my pleasure serving the school who taught me to become who I am today.

I was really touched because at least, all my efforts for the school was still recognized and appreciated, even though I didn’t need it din naman, though I also wanted it din.
And getting a bigbear hug from sir pax and a kiss from prof ning, after the ceremony.. my mentors and of course from Caro and Sir Bong too.

Aside from my mom, this medal is also for Caro and Sir Bong who actually honed my skills to be who I am now, they are the ones who believed in me and pushed me to my limits. Thank you.

So I finally close the page of this book, School’s officially over welcome to the real world, bum! 🙂

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