Officially a GRADUATE

After 2 hours of beautifying myself, c/o my ever galing make up artist. After another 2 hours of delay because of the late togas. After 30 minutes speeches from Sir Joel and the guest speaker. Finally, my name was called. Margaux Kryscel Hemady BS Entrepreneurship I take my final bow. Ohhhh wait. I was called... Continue Reading →

Email: BS Entrep Grad 2010 Meeting

I don't use my Yahoo! email account because my primary email is my Gmail account. Though the same lang naman yung dalawa. It's been ages since I last checked my Y! email. But last Tuesday, I randomly opened my Y! email and an email from Ms. Annie, our Academic Director arrived few minutes before. The... Continue Reading →

And Yes! I passed!

This morning, during the mass, the Homily was about Mama Mary rejoicing/worshipping the Lord for choosing her to the Mother of Jesus. As she also gave thanks for that.I really think that the Gospel reading for the day was a sign.A Sign for me, for today is my big day in school, presentation of my... Continue Reading →


Today was supposedly my lucky day, but due to uncontrollable forces, it wasn't. I hated every bit of it. I was groggy, no sleep at all, tired!STRESS!PRESSURE!DEMANDS!It's all part of the game.It's all part of the story.It's all part of what it's gonna be.Bare with it.These are the pillars of success, add up hard work,... Continue Reading →

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