Email: BS Entrep Grad 2010 Meeting

I don’t use my Yahoo! email account because my primary email is my Gmail account. Though the same lang naman yung dalawa. It’s been ages since I last checked my Y! email. But last Tuesday, I randomly opened my Y! email and an email from Ms. Annie, our Academic Director arrived few minutes before. The title of this blog is the title of her email.

The meeting just finished today. It was said that we’re still not sure if we are all part of the list of the candidates for graduation because we still have our defense to do. But it didn’t make me lose hope, or what coz I’m certainly graduating this July 3, 2010. FOR SURE!

Today was one of my happiest moments in my whole college life because it’s almost the end. I can’t wait for our grad picture taking, our recollection, meetings & practices, when Madz & I starts doing our yearbook, coz I’m the team leader for Entrep for our yearbook, the baccalaureate mass and of course, the graduation rites. I’m getting there.. really getting there!

Batchmates! It can be done!

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