Summer's rolling in!

Today’s the first of March 2010. And most of the time, when you hit the month of March, it’s officially summer!

Can you feel the heat of the sun? Yes! Uber! Not just because it’s summer already, but the Philippines is currently suffering from El Nino. I hope in the coming days, the weather would improve.

Last week, I heard, was one of the hottest, I forgot what day yun, I think Wednesday or Thursday. I drunk Ice cold gulaman, ate saging con yelo, mais con yelo and ice scramble that day. Oh my diba? Kaya pala init na init ako nun.

Anyway, I really can’t wait for “real” summer. Well, I don’t really have a summer vacation because I will be taking up my last 2 subjects for my entire student life. Which is not actually a subject that I have to study, it’s the last modules for Entrep. And I can’t believe I’m so near the end.

But I won’t be literally spending my summer in school. I might be joining my brother in their province in Andangan, Quezon. I’m so excited coz I haven’t been there and it will be my first out of town vacation and beach trip with my kuya and his family. I can’t wait super! I’m so excited! Next stop will be Puerto Galera with the Tropa. *pending coz of problems but I think we will be able to join pa rin* First time to join them in an out of town trip. Dati kasi day trip lang and sa antipolo lang. This time sa beach na! Yey! I’m so excited!

Those are the things that I’m anticipating for summer. I hope matuloy!
For the record: it’s 125 days before graduation (tentative date!)


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  1. m's! di pa summer samen! hahahah. malameg pa and its rainy season na. i think.hahahahaha.oh yeaaaaa, you're gona be done with school pretty soon. yay!


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