Kapit lang!

February was a real rollercoaster ride. It taught me a lot of things that I’d never know, if it didn’t happen.

1. Never spend your days regretting. Just like what Mir in Miss You Like Crazy said, “You had your chance and you blew it” Yes, I blew my chance but maybe it’s for the best of me. Remember Whatever Happens, Happens for a Reason. I blew it because it was meant to happen. I didn’t call Lola Fe not because I don’t love her, I just think that I won’t be able to speak, I won’t be able to say anything to her, I’d just burst out crying. I won’t be able to take it. Lola Fe died because it’s her time, all her missions here on earth are now finish. That’s what happened, and that was God’s plan. PS. I have a feeling that one of my lola fe’s last mission here on earth is that having my papa rekindle his ties with me. thank you lola coz you love me so much to make it hapen.

2. Prioritize what’s on the top list. Upon learning about my Lola Fe’s condition, being that she and the family are in LA, I wanted to really fly there. I can with all the means, but what stops me is what will happen to my business when I take a leave for a few weeks, when this times are realy crucial for school requirements. What will happen to my school? I won’t be able to make it to graduation if I take a few days off. And as what papa told me, that’s what Lola Fe would want for me to, to go get my diploma this year.

3. Don’t ever COMPARE. They’re two different entities spacing up my heart.

4. Take extra extra care. Think thrice. Wag magpapadala sa bugso ng damdamin. Keep an open mind.

5. I don’t need elaborate things to make me happy, just simple ones are enough for me. Little gestures are already big for my heart.

6. Patience and understanding = tag team. Have a big dose of patience ’cause even if you say you clearly understand the person, you still don’t. Just understand them. If they push you away, don’t go. You know, even if pride kept on telling me to stop and stay away, (and I did for a bit), once the presence is felt, my heart softens.

7. Be STRONG. Stay Strong especially when the other is weak. You’re the only wall that they lean on to. You’re the only hand that they hold on to. Even if they try to push you away, hold on tight. Ikaw na mismo ang humawak sa mga kamay at wag na wag kang bibitiw. Because, aminin man nila o hindi, THEY NEED YOU!

8. Remember: No matter how big your problem is, GOD IS BIGGER! Enough reason to hold on.

9. Hold on to the things that matters; When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place. Just remember the things that made you happy and those are enough reasons to stay.

10. I’ve been “alone” for the past years. I’ve already proven how strong I am to take care of myself. Nevertheless, I still wanted someone who can prove me that I can’t. And yes, it’s proven again.

11. It’s okay to cry. You’re not weak if you cry.

12. Time flies so fast. Today’s the end of the month again. So many things to do, so little time. hyy.. One thing I love about time flying so fast is that I’m 4 months away from graduating. HAPPY!

13. I can now admit, This is for real.Time is meaningless when you’re inlove.” as Lolo Uly said in MYLC. There’s really a right time when it comes to falling in love. Daphne said in MYLC “Salamat ha, sinoli mo ito sakin” Pertaining to her cellphone but brings a double meaning coz of holding Allan’s arms. 5 years, 6 years apart? It doesn’t matter, if kayo talaga, KAYO TALAGA!

One comment

  1. # 7- 11 like ko! =))oo ngoL ako ngayon lng pero d aq ng msg kc mpapadal2 nnmn aq instead i read ur blog =)) ahaha..bsta kaya yan, sobrang tama ang 7 mo..panindigan mo na yan, nnjan na yan eh.ska sobrang tama ka sa pride! kya khit uber inis kna sa kakaintindi..konti pang hawak,bbgay din yan =]. sorry i haven't been online lately alm q ur having a rough time,mejo crazy lng tlga ang sched dis week.promise il listen to ur kwentos wen i get back online!=)) miss you! love you! ingat lagi – si jen ako, nag eerror pag nilalagay q ung name q kaya anonymous nlng pero c Jen tlga ako bwahaha =))


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