Peter Pan to Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell: bat ka naman peter pan? taka tuloy ako sino yung nag online na peter pan Peterpan: neverland..... Peterpan: hehehe Tinkerbell: second star to the right and straight till morning! Peterpan: tama!!!!! Peterpan: gusto ko dun ngayon... Peterpan: ikaw nandun k ngayon eh!!! Peterpan: hahahaha Tinkerbell: HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA Tinkerbell: bakit ikaw ba hindi? Tinkerbell: eh shempre... Continue Reading →

Happy April Fool's

WOAH!? It's April already! I couldn't believe it myself! What does April has in store for me? Let's just see!But March was really action packed *read between the lines*. I got to do, experience and explore what I'm not used to doing. And I got a little freedom. Wala ng tinik na nakabara sa aking... Continue Reading →

Kapit lang!

February was a real rollercoaster ride. It taught me a lot of things that I'd never know, if it didn't happen.1. Never spend your days regretting. Just like what Mir in Miss You Like Crazy said, "You had your chance and you blew it" Yes, I blew my chance but maybe it's for the best... Continue Reading →

Apoy ka ba kasi… Alab alab i love you!

my current shout out in friend Rajz commented:bawal mglaro ng apoy.. mapapaso ka.. lolI replied:hahahaha! pag mag ingat pwede namanHe replied back:tsaka hinay2 na dn bka matupok.. roflI realized:Ooops. Double meaning. Harhar.Two things I thought of.. the current "caught in a bad romance" and baby! Yay!Ang kulit lang.

Walking in EDSA

I went to DTI Highway 54 today. It's located in EDSA. I was dropped off by my mom at ADB, so I went out the ADB-Ortigas MRT station gate. I passed through the over pass of Ortigas station and walked all the way to Highway 54. (follow the blue line)I waited for DTI to open... Continue Reading →


Only one time in our whole life will we ever have this date. Could it be a lucky day? Was your day lucky? I have no idea with mine, cause I just spent it in front of this thang doing my business plan. That's a great way to spend you day right? haha! BOO! Wish... Continue Reading →

The Rainbow

I fell asleep after I tried so hard doing this picture in Buddy poke thing. It's my first picture in Buddy poke, so I chose a really a good view, the beach with a rainbow. The beach is my happiest place. Any beach, as long as I'm in a beach, I'll always be happy. Seeing... Continue Reading →


Today marks the -Ber months. It only mean one thing, Christmas is already near! When I opened my Facebook this morning, most of the shoutouts there were mostly related to Christmas, people greeting everyone a happy holidays already! Gosh! Some would even hear Christmas carols from the radio already. I didn't, because I was still... Continue Reading →

Let's Tagalize

Dahil katapusan ng Buwan ng Wika ngayon, minarapat kong magsalita sa ating sariling wika, na malimit kong ginagawa ng buong buwan ng Agosto sa aking blog.Napagtanto ko lang na natapos na ang 3/4 ng taon, pag pasok ng unang araw ng Setyembre huhudyat na ito ng tinatawag ng mga taong "Ber Months" - na ang... Continue Reading →

Even Clowns gets lonely

I remember yesterday while we were driving around BF homes, on our way to Betterliving, we passed by a clown crossing the street. It really struck me because the clown doesn't have a smiling face. It can be so depressing to see a sad clown. They're supposed to be happy!But we wouldn't know, beyond that... Continue Reading →

The way it is

How ironic life can be.You're either up or downHappy or sad. Partying or grieving. There's always an opposite.That's the way it will always be.Last week, we were at a wedding, celebrating love and happiness for the newly weds. This week, we grieve for the lost of a loved one, my lola's brother died and lola's... Continue Reading →

Hearts in bits and pieces

I've been heartbroken once, twice or even thrice in my life too. It may seem that I am a very happy-go-lucky person with no problems in her body system, but in reality, I just kept the hurt inside me.Why did I even get started with this lame part of my life? It's because I watched... Continue Reading →

Old Notebooks and Little Notes

I love finding old notebooks and reading thoughts from way, way, way back. It helps me relive the memories that I have already forgotten. It gives me an idea of what I was before, what I did before. It's good to find out what was you from a long time ago. But there's also a... Continue Reading →

Back to Reality

I was scheduled to meet one of my mentors, Ms. Annie, today. I was a bit scared because she might reprimand me because I filed my LOA so late. Being the mother that she is, she did reprimand me a little. She was worried about me because I suddenly no where to be found. So,... Continue Reading →

No what if's

If you discovered something that made you tightened inside, you better try to learn more about it. If you simply ignore the feeling, you would never know what might happen, and in many ways that was worse than finding out you were wrong in the first place. Because if you were wrong, you could go... Continue Reading →


A wiseman once said that every person should maintain at least 3 kinds of friendships: 1. Friends of your own age, whom you can talk with confidence, over your problems, plans and goals. 2. Friends older than you whom you can confide and hear wise counsel. 3. Friends younger than you, whom you can share... Continue Reading →

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