Hearts in bits and pieces

I’ve been heartbroken once, twice or even thrice in my life too. It may seem that I am a very happy-go-lucky person with no problems in her body system, but in reality, I just kept the hurt inside me.

Why did I even get started with this lame part of my life? It’s because I watched Bea Alonzo, Sam Milby & Derek Ramsey’s And I Love You So awhile ago. spoiler ahead. It’s about Lara (Bea) who’s luckily married (for 5 months already) with the best guy alive (or dead), Oliver (Derek). He died unfortunately. She was going through a tough time in her life, while she was trying her best to move on, but was still a fail, Chris (Sam) came into her life. He helped her try to move on but unfortunately, they fell in love with each other. Lara was pushing the feelings away because of the guilt she’s having because of Oliver. They parted ways, she moved on, he moved on. Then one day, they found each other again, and finally let the love begin.

What I’m just saying is, Chris is right when he said “Mas importante ang mga naiwan, kaysa sa nangiwan” because why let yourself suffer when the love of your life is already gone -to heaven or to pursue their own happiness. Will you continue to carry the burden and just mess up with your life? Of course not, you shouldn’t! At the first place, he/she wasn’t in the early part of your life, and you were doing great right? What’s important now is YOU!

Now, was I like Lara during those times of my life? I suppose so, maybe once or twice? But then, I realized my importance and how irrelevant they are in my life. I remember my friend told me recently, “you changed a lot since …..” I could agree with her, really. Hurt? It was just a fraction of a second in my life now. I easily accept things, that it happens for a reason, that’s why I was able to easily let go and easily move on. Life is so damn great to waste them on ill feelings or on hatred.

Like what the ghost of Oliver said, “Suffering is an option, Happiness is a choice”. So to those suffering this stage in her life, CRY, CRY as loud as you can, it’s okay. But I tell you, it’s not worth it (keeping those feelings)! Help yourself to move on because no one’s gonna help you but you. After that, you’ll realize how good life is. Open your heart! I’m not telling you to fall in love again that quick, but just literally open your heart and feel the love that’s in the air, and from the people that surrounds you. That’s what I did, and it’s just simply amazing!

Sidenote: AILYS is great! I didn’t even expect to like it, but I did. It went way beyond my expectations (that was so low). I didn’t cry, but it really touched my heart, obviously- I blogged something about it. (:


  1. I've been heartbroken once, twice…- weeeh? w8 bilangin ko! c ano? ano? ano? n ano? haha.It may seem that I am a very happy-go-lucky person…- gurl, oo, dis s so true. i cud fil dt, kc kht p2no mdlas taun mgksma n mgkausp. though rcntly, drs one thing uv cried about bcos….??? (hmmmm…bkt kya?)”Mas importante ang mga naiwan, kaysa sa nangiwan”…Now, was I like Lara during those times of my life? I suppose so, maybe once or twice?…- yah,true basd nto wt uv been n gone through..actualy, dt line ws aplicble 2 vrybody. n reality, it hapns most of d tym. mgnda lan tlga s npkita nun muvi un esnce nun “line” na un..n rily showd ppol how one shud aprc8 and value him/herslf with or without dt prson. letin go, movin on proces. AND lavn urslf mor. AND openin ur hart ovr n ovr agn. n bsdes, sbi mo nga, bt mu p2hrpn srili mo? db? -yah, things hapen for a rison. (as usual), ns2ktn tau, pro ul gt 2 realize na n d end, u cnt do nythn bwt it. reality hurts. haha. gnon tlga! kc my purpose un, GOD has plans for all of us, sau, sa akin, sknya. ntuwa nga ako sau kc though he's ur 1st, n hpfuly not d last, hahaha, ngn “matured” ka sa lht ng bgay. kht nhrpn ka iacpt, ngawa mo prng mgptwd…kht mtgal “its worth d w8″ hahaha, SAM? dts d change (sau)na nkta ko, for d pst yrs. na nksma kita b4 and naun.”Suffering is an option, Happiness is a choice”…”just literally open your heart and feel the love that's in the air, and from the people that surrounds you. That's what I did, and it's just simply amazing!”-woooow. dts d spirit!true again. drs so many things n ds world dt we nid 2 c. dos dt will shape us into a dfrnt prson; how it wud affct us, our lives n som way. dpt lan we nid 2 learn 2 liv with it. b hapi. AND a big f8 n GOD. :D-m very proud of u gurl. n m lavn u mor.:)


  2. naman gurl! 3 lang! hahahahahaha! unrequited pa yung dalawa. ampff.ayos lang gurl! okie na ako abt that.gurl ang saya magpa enter ng ta0 sa buhay mo kaso naman!!! it's complicated yung gusto ko =)) LOL. shhhhhlav uuuuuuuu!


  3. todo itetch..prang tnamaan aq don ah lol…all i can say is “HAYyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” lols.u knw wats happening nman samin ngayon so no need to elaborate here. but OMG! i can't believe i ddnt stop reading now i know what happend na sa movie! boo!!! >:P ahahaha


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