The Rainbow

I fell asleep after I tried so hard doing this picture in Buddy poke thing. It’s my first picture in Buddy poke, so I chose a really a good view, the beach with a rainbow.

The beach is my happiest place. Any beach, as long as I’m in a beach, I’ll always be happy. Seeing a rainbow by the beach doubles the fun. Rainbow give hope, always. We know that no matter how strong the storm may be, it will still end. And after that heavy rains, the rainbow will be waiting for you.

Then I dreamt. I was in my room and my bestfriend, Aimee, enthusiastically pointed at the window. “Budi, look! Rainbow!” I saw the rainbow. It was really really beautiful. I immediately got my D40. I got ready to take a shot. I take a shot. As I clicked, in that split second, the rainbow was gone. Gone before my eyes. So scary. It’s like “poof!” Everything will be gone, no more hopes and dreams. And I won’t be able to take it. It’s so scary. I don’t want that to happen because I am the type of person that has full of hopes and dreams and happiness in life.

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