New Year 2010

2010 finally is in front of me, of us all. It took time before it has sank in me. I've been waiting for this year because I'm looking forward to a lot of things. I really feel that it will be a good good year, so many accomplishments will be made and dreams will be... Continue Reading →


I usually make a wish when it's 11:11 since I was a kid.Today's a little special because today's date is also 11/11.Just like the last years of my life, I wished for something good to happen in my life for today.I wish for the same things all over again.Hopefully one day it will be fulfilled.And... Continue Reading →


Just doing my normal routine, while at the same time I was working on Enzo's invites. Then I refreshed my twitter page and found new tweets from Blake. She twitpic-ed a picture of her, someone and Penn. Yes, Penn with a Twitter USERNAME! OMG! Napatili ako ng malupit eh. Parang hindi ko na kinaya. I... Continue Reading →


During the "olden" times, when there was still now internet. We just learn things about our favorite celebrities through newspapers, black and white magazines, tabloids and TV talkshows - be it local or hollywood. I remember watching each and every tv shows and movies, buying Teenstar magazines and the like. If you chance upon seeing... Continue Reading →

Julie & Julia

Who would have thought that there would be a movie where bloggers would be able to relate to? Jule and Julia is actually the first ever film that is based on a blog. It is a story of Julie Powell who doesn't know what she wants in her life and with the encouragement of his... Continue Reading →

Wanderlust Coming Soon!

Tito Pojie, our neighbor in our old house and mommy's good friend and officemate who's already retired went here to use our landline and asked me a favor of copying the pictures of everything Ondoy destroyed from his camera to a USB. His landline is not yet fixed. His house is still dirty.I saw his... Continue Reading →

The Rainbow

I fell asleep after I tried so hard doing this picture in Buddy poke thing. It's my first picture in Buddy poke, so I chose a really a good view, the beach with a rainbow. The beach is my happiest place. Any beach, as long as I'm in a beach, I'll always be happy. Seeing... Continue Reading →

The Next Best Seller

I've been staring at this blank page for the last 60 minutes. I couldn't think of anything to write about. Pinipiga ko na yung utak ko. I promised myself to write a blog everyday. I thought I was about to give up when my Pinkyswear, Inah messaged me in Y!M out of the blue: "mare... Continue Reading →

One Dream Realized!

You really would never know what would come your way. I was just online, and then, POOF! a plan to go with my niece, Sakki to abs-cbn and watch Wowowee. I didn't even know who were the guests for today's show. She then told me who the guests were. The insides of me wanted to... Continue Reading →

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