One Dream Realized!

You really would never know what would come your way. I was just online, and then, POOF! a plan to go with my niece, Sakki to abs-cbn and watch Wowowee. I didn’t even know who were the guests for today’s show. She then told me who the guests were. The insides of me wanted to explode because of excitement! I told myself, whatever happens, I won’t leave the studio without a picture with the King of Comedy. It’s not actually the first time I saw him. Mas matagal pa nga dati, because I went with a friend who guested in one of his defunct shows. But I didn’t get a chance to take a picture with him nun. I don’t know why.. I regret that day. From then on, I swore to myself, that if ever God will allow me to see him again, I’d do anything just to have a picture with him. He’s one of the best Filipino artists and he’s a real icon! I have to have one! haha!

So here, I can scratch off one thing in my bucket list.

My very own picture with the Comedy King, Tito Dolphy.

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