Wanderlust Coming Soon!

Tito Pojie, our neighbor in our old house and mommy’s good friend and officemate who’s already retired went here to use our landline and asked me a favor of copying the pictures of everything Ondoy destroyed from his camera to a USB. His landline is not yet fixed. His house is still dirty.

I saw his travel pictures in his USB. The sights and views are really amazing. What a Euro & US trip! Then I told him that I’m going to US next year. I wanted to go to West coast then to East coast. I asked him what’s the best route to take. What if a Euro trip is added and what not. He shared advices that I will surely use when my much awaited trip comes true!

I was so inspired that I ended up thinking about it the whole night. I can just imagine what I’m going to do in these places! I’m so excited! haha!

But as of now, I’ll keep first my luggage. I’ll save up first for my dream trip that will soon come true!

This is what actually drives me to work hard, the thought of travelling and going to places!


  1. EURO TRIP!! margz lets go..james and I want to go there. We were actually talking about this the other day…pero kailangan muna magipon!! Hihi


  2. i know mai!! eurotrip shux!!!!! hahahahahaha!!! im going there after my graduation. sure ball na ito. wala ng pipigil sakin. there, i mean US! pero i think sandali lang ako sa west coast.. mas magtatagal ako sa east.


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