Today was supposedly my lucky day, but due to uncontrollable forces, it wasn’t. I hated every bit of it. I was groggy, no sleep at all, tired!


It’s all part of the game.
It’s all part of the story.
It’s all part of what it’s gonna be.

Bare with it.

These are the pillars of success, add up hard work, determination and passion.

So for now, I’m getting ready for the battle and in due time, I’m gonna make it to the sweet victory of my life!

On the lighter note, as I am living up my duty as a Yo!Noy and a Filipino citizen, I brought a poster in our Office of the Students’ affairs and had Sir Bong signed them so that it could be posted around the school.

The poster is a reminder that October 31st is the last day of COMELEC registration that’s why let us all go to our city halls, bring our ID with address and register! Time is running out, a little more than two weeks to go. Let us exercise our right to vote for the coming 2010 elections!

We all want change. Let’s start it now. Every vote counts!

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