And Yes! I passed!

This morning, during the mass, the Homily was about Mama Mary rejoicing/worshipping the Lord for choosing her to the Mother of Jesus. As she also gave thanks for that.I really think that the Gospel reading for the day was a sign.A Sign for me, for today is my big day in school, presentation of my... Continue Reading →

atapang a tao, hindi tatakbo!

Today is a holiday, thanks to Andres Bonifacio. Despite the holiday cheers of most people for the long weekend, I am clearly not affected because I don't have classes on a Monday. And despite the holiday, I'm still working (worked on my niece, Sakki's debut invitations, which are so hot btw). Late afternoon, I went... Continue Reading →

1st Wedding Exhibit of Etched Moments

In Style Wedding Journal presents The Wedding Festival III A Bridal Exhibit at the Capitol Green Street, Capitol Golf and Country Club Capitol Hills Drive, Old Balara, QC (November 27-29,2009)EM's first exhibit and it was not good. No one came. Like NO ONE. Well, few people browsed around considering it was located in the end... Continue Reading →

Etched Moments is now Legal.

I'm officially a tax payer today, for my business that is. I paid for my business license and permit and all the other permits needed awhile ago. My business is now legal! BIR na lang ang kulang. I didn't have one of the requirements awhile ago when I inquired eh, so wala pa siya. I'm... Continue Reading →


Today was supposedly my lucky day, but due to uncontrollable forces, it wasn't. I hated every bit of it. I was groggy, no sleep at all, tired!STRESS!PRESSURE!DEMANDS!It's all part of the game.It's all part of the story.It's all part of what it's gonna be.Bare with it.These are the pillars of success, add up hard work,... Continue Reading →

My Sister's Keeper

I was supposed to have lunch with Inah and Pat at ChocKiss today. But naging hectic ang schedule. Inah told me she's going to eastwood, since I'm also going there to meet a client, we met up as well.I've been looking for My Sister's Keeper book! Finally I was able to buy it na! I... Continue Reading →

Walking in EDSA

I went to DTI Highway 54 today. It's located in EDSA. I was dropped off by my mom at ADB, so I went out the ADB-Ortigas MRT station gate. I passed through the over pass of Ortigas station and walked all the way to Highway 54. (follow the blue line)I waited for DTI to open... Continue Reading →


As what the title suggests, I really got a lot of things to do and I don't know where to begin actually. Parang nahalo halo ko na. I want to do this and that pero because of time pressure, hindi ko magawa. I'm so stressed with school duties (which was due last week, but I... Continue Reading →

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