As what the title suggests, I really got a lot of things to do and I don’t know where to begin actually. Parang nahalo halo ko na. I want to do this and that pero because of time pressure, hindi ko magawa. I’m so stressed with school duties (which was due last week, but I was sick), editorial duties (which is due tomorrow), business duties (which is due on Saturday and next Saturday!) and personal duties. I don’t want to be sick again. hay. But it’s all good, wala namang naging successful na hindi dumaan sa butas ng karayom eh.

Eh ano kung hinihila ka nila pababa? Naiingit lang sila kaya ganun. Crab Mentality. Boo. Kaya mo yan Margx. I’ll def have a big prize for me when I finish all of this soon. I better sleep now, so tired with Ninang duty today.

Shameless Plug:

Tomorrow’s the first screening day of the movie Tarot which stars Marian Rivera and Dennis Trillo.
My friend, Roxanne Guinoo and kapatid Alwyn Uytingco are also part of the said movie.
Let’s all watch it!

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