Why is love intensified by absence?

I thought I’m like Claire Abshire (Time Traveler’s Wife and yes, finally watched it with Kix/just like she requested, I waited for her! – welcome home Kix!/this is for another blog, wait for Sat’s). Like I’ve been waiting for someone all my life (like since I was a kiddo), someone that also keeps on disappearing in my life once in awhile and but returns and returns always with a boom. Whom I think I’ve been in love with my whole life.. i think!! (Eh?) Whom I won’t hear from for days and days, won’t see for months and maybe a year. But still I wait for him. Even if he loved another one (like Henry ‘no?!).

Like they say, “Absence make the heart grow fonder” while he’s gone, you yearn for him more and more. You miss him even more. You want him to be by your side even if it can’t be. 😥

But you know what sometimes, when they’re gone that’s when we appreciate how much we enjoy his presence and realize how important a person is in our life because we’ll realize what life is when he’s not around.

But even if he is not around always, I always feel his presence in my life because of all the memories I have with him, even if its just small memories, but they’re so big in my heart. ❤

I realized maybe he’s the reason why I wasn’t able to open my door to others, just like Claire. SOULMATE. Just like Claire, I’ll just keep on waiting, you know when he’ll come by it will be joy a million times over. It’s just that, you’re my bestfriend and I’ve been inlove with you all my life

Sidenote 1: Sino ka ‘Him‘? Secret.
Sidenote 2: I love the book so much and I cried so hard when I was reading it back then before the thought of the movie was born. Just like with any other book-turned-movie thing, I didn’t compare. I love the movie too.


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