And Yes! I passed!

This morning, during the mass, the Homily was about Mama Mary rejoicing/worshipping the Lord for choosing her to the Mother of Jesus. As she also gave thanks for that.

I really think that the Gospel reading for the day was a sign.

A Sign for me, for today is my big day in school, presentation of my Business in my Venture Initiation class.

I was so nervous that I couldn’t even breathe in my halter top. I was really scared with what the other panel will say to me. But lo and behold, it was only Dean Pax who did my panel. He’s the only one whom I presented my business. Knowing that, I was able to breathe a little. I’m fine with him because he knows my business really well, unlike the others.

So, I presented. It wasn’t “perfect” but he stood up and shook my hands, “Congrats, you passed!”

Now, my only problem is enrollment for Venture Management. (:


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