Walking in EDSA

I went to DTI Highway 54 today. It’s located in EDSA. I was dropped off by my mom at ADB, so I went out the ADB-Ortigas MRT station gate. I passed through the over pass of Ortigas station and walked all the way to Highway 54. (follow the blue line)I waited for DTI to open for an hour then waited for my business name application to be processed for 30 minutes. Then, I walked back. Passed through Ortigas MRT station, walked through the walls of ADB and Poveda until I reached Galleria. Mcdo’s open so I went to Mcdo inside Galle but the only food available was chicken. I don’t want chicken so I walked from Galle to Mcdo, Meralco Ave. Unlucky, chicken lang din pwede for Happy Meal. Damn. I have to buy Happy Meal – Hello Kitty for my niece Sky. So I gave in to McChicken. (follow the red line)

I got a ride home via the jeepney that passed by. I walked from the entrance of the subdivision to the house of the homeowners association president for the clearance to get brgy. clearance at the brgy hall. Then, I went to the brgy. hall then they told me to go back at 1pm. Then, I went back at 1pm.
After that, I fell asleep because I’m sooooooooooooooo tired! I had fun walking along EDSA by myself while singing to myself. haha!

Finally, Etched Moments is registered at DTI and is cleared in our barangay! weeh!

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