atapang a tao, hindi tatakbo!

Today is a holiday, thanks to Andres Bonifacio. Despite the holiday cheers of most people for the long weekend, I am clearly not affected because I don’t have classes on a Monday. And despite the holiday, I’m still working (worked on my niece, Sakki‘s debut invitations, which are so hot btw). Late afternoon, I went out to have Enzo’s (my bestfriend‘s nephew and my very first client) 1st birthday invitations printed. See, I’m working on a holiday! Booie!

We were on the car, when they dropped my off at Megamall, my sister Risse asked me to buy her a Noli Me Tangere book, english version. I asked her why? She said “i dont have time to read NMT in tagalog.” I was like WTF!!!! Today’s even a holiday commemorating a national hero and she has no time? Anyway, I still ended up buying her the book.

Today’s the last day I’m drinking softdrinks and eating rice. I’ve got to prepare for my Boracay trip. I can see my big tummy now, I’m so bothered with it. How will I be able to wear my bikinis in hotness if I have a big tummy. Bull.

And since it’s going to be a holiday soon, well Christmas in just 25 days (almost 24 in 31 minutes), I’m ending my December orders for Etched Moments after my friend, Pam’s order. I had to give myself a rest because when 2010 begins, it will really be nerve wrecking. I’m pretty decided, I really need that rest. I think I really deserve it.

Can I just share? I had so much fun yesterday at my mamang & papang’s house. My 4 little girls were all present. I had so much fun with them. I missed them all, so happy to see them all together, sayang wala si Wiwo.

Goodbye November! 31 more days till 2010!

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