During the “olden” times, when there was still now internet. We just learn things about our favorite celebrities through newspapers, black and white magazines, tabloids and TV talkshows – be it local or hollywood. I remember watching each and every tv shows and movies, buying Teenstar magazines and the like. If you chance upon seeing your favorite celebrity in flesh in the supermarket or in the church, it’s like you’ve won the lottery, like dream come true to you. I know that, I was like that when I was a kid.

But as years passed, there were already easy ways to see your favorite celebrities. It was easy to visit the set of the show they’re currently taping or watch live in ASAP. ASAP Fanatic was even born so that fans of the most popular stars of Star Magic could watch them perform live and even interact with them. Yes, I’ve watch a few times. I always go with kuya when he guested in ASAP or in Fanatic. Actually, I was never a fan of any other artist. It’s only kuya whom I supported. Shempre, he’s my kuya eh. But when Qpids came and I also became good friends with some of the girls and boys there, nadagdagan whom I support. I support them if I can.

Then, PEx came. It’s a huge forum where fans of every single artist or loveteams interact. Yep. I have an account there. I manage kuya’s thread and some other threads. There was this time that some of the artist posts in there own thread. How cool is that? You’re thisclose to your favorite star! You can chat with them there and post pictures and stuff. That was a few years ago, it eventually died down.

Few years after, 2009 came. Twitter‘s the IN thing! At first, I couldn’t get the point of that online thang. But eventually, I gave it. What made my daily reading of the tweets happier is that I’m also thisclose to my favorite actress, Anne Curtis.

It’s not as if I haven’t seen her in person. In fact, I’ve seen her countless times whenever I’m in ABS-CBN with a friend.
1. The first few times I saw her was during my St. Paul days, every time there’s an institutional activity like the fair or something. I always see her. She’s alone, seated in the bench near the highschool building. Dedma lang ako sa kanya, because she’s a kapuso. LOL. meanie. But she’s there because her little sister Jasmine studied in St. Paul too.. she’s waywayway much younger than me.
2. The very first time I saw her in a showbizzy kind of thing was during the farewell celeb of Hiram in ASAP. I was inside the dressing room with sina Heart. I was inside the dressing/comfort room of the dressing room, sitting on top of the counter top where a big mirror’s on my back. After the number, Anne went inside, she was crying so hard. The memory is still vivid in my mind, she suddenly hugged me. Yes, even if she doesn’t know me. She’d sad eh. That was so cute a moment.
3. Qpids days. I’ve seen her a bunch of time during this times. When they taped, during the heartbreak nights and other events that are Qpids related.
4. July 2007 when I watched Harry Potter. We went to the CR near the parking lot, beside Shoe Salon. When I got inside, Anne was there too. Pretty. Then, I went outside, at exactly the same time, Sam Milby in his rugged guy look, also going out of the men’s room. YAY! I almost died. LOL. As if I haven’t seen him ha =)) But he looks different naman kasi talaga with out the make up and stuff.
5. July 2008. Ponti for a friend’s party. On the other table, Anne! Wah. Wish I had the courage to have a picture taken with her that time, but no! I didn’t have. Boooo!
6. Baler premiere night. Since kuya was Anne’s role’s little brother, I had to watch Baler.

Anyway, back to the Twitter thang. She tweeted the magazine where in she’s the cover for the month.

I was so ECSTATIC. I just didn’t know what to feel. My favorite girl tweeted me! HA! Am such a lucky girl, not just a short reply ha, nagkwento pa siya! So cute! I really love her. :3 Haha! Funny me! What I really regret is that one one and only picture of her during that Hiram moment, is gone forever. Boo. Though I still have her picture with Luis during Qpids. Still!

The thing is, it’s not just my local fave girl who’s a tweet away. But also my other favorite girl. Blake Lively. She just recently got twitter, more or less persuaded my Leighton and Taylor who’re both Twitter addicts. I just can’t believe that at this point in time, it’s just as easy as that. I can now know their thoughts and what not’s. I can even tweet her! Not only her, but all the other hollywood celebrities. THISCLOSE. can you imagine? Really gone with the days when you’ll just watch your favorite hollywood star on screen. Just a tweet away you know!

I just can’t believe how the world it is now. How cool no?

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