My Sister's Keeper

I just watched the film version awhile ago. A real tearjerker I must say. I’ve never cried so hard in a movie, throughout the movie my entire movie life. I feel for the character’s in the movie for I also have a love one who had leukemia, in fact he’s a leukemia survivor now, and all grown up.

If a person hasn’t read the book and watched the film, you would just watch it as you watch a movie. But if you read it, you wouldn’t help but notice some bits of changes from the book and the movie. I noticed how Jesse isn’t an arsonist here, that aunt Zanne is aunt Kelly, that there’s no guardian ad litem, Julia who’s Campbell’s love interest, as I picture Judge De Salvo in the book, he’s a man but in the film, he’s she, Campbell seem younger in the book than in the film, I remember there’s no beach part in the book and lastly they changed the ending, in the book, Kate didn’t die but in the film she did. I’m not so much of a spoiler here. I want you guys to read the book so that you’ll know the shocker part of the story.

But whatever the difference is, it still captured how a teenager struggles to trying to survive and eventually giving up with her sickness and how the family is affected with it, how they dealt with it. How far a mother can go for her children, how much they are willing to give, even if it’s their all. And we learn from it.

I also would want to share this unrelated quote:

Love is the history of a woman’s life; it is an episode in man’s.

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