Don't wake me up yet 'cause I'm dreaming in candy color

Remember how they say that dreams are better than reality?

I dreamt a good dream last night. Wait, not just good, it was AMAZING, Surreal that is! I talked to her because she hurt him. Then him and I became US. wooh. Surreal talaga. haha!

I was trying not to wake up awhile ago even if the sun is up already. I didn’t want to, it’s far better in my dreams, someone calling me mybabylove. wooh. Someone to have and to hold.. It felt like I was in cloud nine, it was finally my dream-come-true moment.. my ‘it’s about time’ dream!

But in the end, I still woke up and realized that dreams are better but they don’t always come true. But I know someday I will be inlove (with the same him??? aaaah) and as hard as I try, I won’t fall asleep as easy as now, because finally, my reality is better than my dream.

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