A wiseman once said that every person should maintain at least 3 kinds of friendships:

1. Friends of your own age, whom you can talk with confidence, over your problems, plans and goals.
2. Friends older than you whom you can confide and hear wise counsel.
3. Friends younger than you, whom you can share your life’s experiences.

You should also keep those who not only have positive outlook in life but also someone who’s willing to share it with you. Having them will make you inclined to have one too. Go with someone with goals.

Don’t control your friends, have them take a dose of their own medicine. They have their own mind and heart.

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter that they’re just a text away, you talk to them or you see them often, sometimes those who live so far away are those who really cares for you and loves you.

You’d truly know how you really mean to a friend when no matter what happens, they’d fight for you. Reactions are really important.

Trust, when broken, is hard to bring back.

Be sensitive enough of your friends’ feelings.

Hoes over Bros.
Studs over Buds.
Clothes over Bros.

I’ve been to a few broken friendships. Some, we became friends again, some we’re okay – but different, some aren’t even candidates for rekindling. I’m not a perfect person nor a perfect friend but I’d fight for what is right, what is good, I’ll be there for you no matter what, i’ll always be there to back you up.

You know who you are girls and boys. you know i love you! xoxo

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