Sponsitility as Tommy Pickles puts it

Gone were the days when I play with Polly Pockets, Barbie Dolls, Baby Dolls and Play dough. I don’t even know where they are now. I don’t even know how it feels to play those toys na. It was like centuries ago. Yes, I played with toys for the last few years but I played it with my niece. So, it’s different. haha!

Today, I was holding different government documents. Postal ID, Cedula (MY GOD! I’m now a tax payer.. i mean other VAT), Application for my passport renewal, Baragay Clearance, etc. etc. and was walking around the streets of Pasig City Hall. I realized that I am acting like an adult awhile ago. It’s the first time that I felt that. Since I was born, it was my mommy who fixed my passport, US/Jap/PRC Visa and other legal documents. It’s my first time to do this alone. Wait, I did my DTI alone last year, but it felt different. It felt like I was just doing that for the sake of my requirements in school. This time, it’s for my legal documents. Funny, when I got my Postal ID, I felt like “I’m a certified Pasigueno na!” It was just awhile ago when I felt like I am a citizen in Pasig, even if I’ve lived here almost all my life. Until now, I don’t feel like I’m an adult yet. I feel like I’m still playing (not with toys though) and just living a happy-go-lucky life with a little seriousness when it comes to school. It really felt different awhile ago. It’s like I’ve entered another portal, the portal of responsibility.

Okay fine. Sinking in. I’m an adult now. 23. Way past the debutante era. Marrying+Babying age. I better start composing myself to all my duties and responsibilities. But you know, once in a while it’s okay to be childlike. It’s okay to watch cartoons, to sing Disney songs, to play with teddy bears (HA! That’s me LOL) just as long as I know were to draw the line between childish and childlike. Just as long as I finish my Sponsitilities. I’m just 4 tumblings and 2 kembots away from graduating, meaning konti na lang talaga, then no more school na! I’m almost there, I’m right here in the edge, waiting and working. Then, out in the real world.

Just wish me luck everyone, 4 tumblings and 2 kembots to go!

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