Lifebook 2011: Life

25. Call your family often.26. Each day give something good to others.27. Forgive everyone for everything.28. Spend time with people over the age of 70 and under the age of 7.29. Try to make at least three people smile a day.30. What other people think of you is none of your business.31. You're job won't... Continue Reading →

Summer 2010 is about to end

So, it's already the third to the last day of May, which meant - Summer's almost over. But I am not yet ready to say good bye yet. Please. Wag muna, I deserve a break from all the emotional damage that this month has given me. It was a whirlwind month - I was either... Continue Reading →

Peter Pan to Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell: bat ka naman peter pan? taka tuloy ako sino yung nag online na peter pan Peterpan: neverland..... Peterpan: hehehe Tinkerbell: second star to the right and straight till morning! Peterpan: tama!!!!! Peterpan: gusto ko dun ngayon... Peterpan: ikaw nandun k ngayon eh!!! Peterpan: hahahaha Tinkerbell: HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA Tinkerbell: bakit ikaw ba hindi? Tinkerbell: eh shempre... Continue Reading →


I've never been relieved my entire life until a while ago.I can now sleep peacefully. Hehehe!I'm happy but I felt sad at the same time.It's all good, it will come at the right time.Day 1 starts now.

Kapit lang!

February was a real rollercoaster ride. It taught me a lot of things that I'd never know, if it didn't happen.1. Never spend your days regretting. Just like what Mir in Miss You Like Crazy said, "You had your chance and you blew it" Yes, I blew my chance but maybe it's for the best... Continue Reading →


Most of my closest friends know how really excited I am for my 2nd Boracay trip. My mom allowed me but she wasn't supportive when today came because of the bad weather. I know she is just concerned and she is frightened for me because she loves me. It also came to a point when... Continue Reading →

Out of Place

Minsan, kahit anong pilit mong itatak sa puso't isipan mo na parte ka ng isang grupo, mararamdaman at mararamdaman mo din na iba ka talaga sa kanila, na hindi ka talaga nila ka parte.

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