May 23rd is the 143th day of this year! Tell everyone how much you love them! :-)

Okay so I got this from Achacs. And a single tweet or stat is not enough. So I made a post here in my notes na lang! 🙂

1. Michelle Lim, Loraine Tuazon, Katrina Deogracias, Kix De Leon and Aimee Sanchez – thank you and I love you for bearing with me and my daily rants. I know how annoying it is, but I just really can’t help it. Coz I know, of all people, you will be the ones who will understand me.

2. Seska Silva – I love you because even though nahihirapan ka na, you still try your best to be neutral. kahit hindi. I know you love me despite the fact that you don’t get me. I’ll just understand you for that. Words can’t really explain everything. Just bear with me. Don’t worry, I’m sooo okay now. Wala ka ng iisipin pa.

and I’m hoping for another PF trip soon, when Kix comes back, when I’m done with school?

3. KC Tamayo – I love you frap more than cupcakes and pizzas. I’m sorry again that I forgot to text you again. But it doesn’t mean I don’t care for you and I don’t love you. You should know how much you and your family mean to me. You just don’t know how excited I am with the new baby frappy. I miss the Tamayo’s and I’ll see you so soon. Okay? To KUYA UCHAN, NINANG LOVES YOU! Munch, Jeneth Agawa – Thanks for being there too when I needed someone to talk to. I love you and Bella!!!

4. Jose Liwanag – Even though we don’t talk to each other always, we don’t text each other, we dont see each other often, we are busy with other things.. people.., nothing will ever change, you’ll still be my one and only kuya and bestfriend and I’ll always love you.

5. Inah Vidal – We’re always connected with everything we do or sometimes with what we say. We’re made for each other.. we’re soul sisters. You’re my pinky swear and I really love you even though you are so busy and we didn’t get to watch OTH’s finale this season. hahahaha!

6. Jen Calalang – I love you because even if it’s so stressful you’re always there. Teka mas stressful ka kaya! Pero I’ll always be there for you. Coz I love you. Thanks for always being there and understanding my hinanakit in life – ALL MY LIFE’S STRESSES! ALAM MO YUN! Super dami nun eh! :)) To our other girls, (Karla Saavedra, Maian Legaspi & Karen Macaraig), I don’t have to fill you in but I hope you know I love you always, despite the distance and the time difference, despite the fact that our lives are very different now, unlike when we all first met. I wish we’d have some Reunion soon. And another ONE DAY in the US of A. and to baby JAFFIE, NINANG LOVES YOU!

7. Holly Ann Coloma – Thanks super for being there for me. Thanks to my ever beloved kuya, because of him, I found a friend like you. Siguro, mas hindi ko kakayanin ang lahat kung wala ka. Mas mahihirapan ako umintindi, lumaban at tumahimik. Thanks kasi pinalalakas mo ako. I love you for that. Come home soon! MagDD pa tayo ni Arn & Jhe. (:

8. Papa – Thank you for finally being part of my life again. You just don’t know how happy I am that you’re here with me (kahit through email lang). I can’t wait for the time that I’ll be spending with you when I get there. It will be one of the best moments of my life. I love you papa 86,400 times a day!

9. Mama – I love you mommy for being the best mom in the whole wide world. I’m definitely “GUILTY” with your I TOLD YOU SO. I’m sorry for not listening. But im sure glad that I was able to tell you what I’m feeling, at napakagaan ng pakiramdam ko ngayon because of that. I love you always mommy!

10. Rox Guinoo, Kim Pidor, Gi Andres and Pat Cabochan – I love you guys despite the fact that we are busy with our own lives. But despite of that, I know we’re still gonna be there for each other. May Valentino MY ever beloved savior, thanks for all the help. Alam ko sabi mo, maliit lang yun na bagay, sakin hindi. Sobrang laking tulong nun sakin. and to all our XANNEsational friends – Reunion soon?

11. Cathy Dy & Gretchen De Leon – for all the drama and life’s goodness, i love you. uwi na kayo. beach na beach na ko!

12. Family – need i say more? I LOVE YOU ALL kahit merong nangaaway sakin! I love my beautiful nieces so much – Sakki & Mieka; Caitlyn & Cammie; Sam & Kim; Sky & Wiwo and Ellana Banana! My Godchildren (at kahit yung hindi pero ninang tawag sakin) that makes me happy when I’m sad – Kuya Kenji, Ate Stephanie, Kuya Carl, Ate Ashley, Ate Owi, Kenzo, Kaikai and kuya Gabgab.

13. Angelo RanosaTo the love of my life. Thank you for always being there for me, for accompanying me whenever I need to go some place, for dealing with my mood swings, for being honest and open about everything, for shaving your facial hair (though you need to shave it again now), for our daily food trips at Angel’s Burger to Minute Burger to Jollibee to Greenwich to Zagu to Ate ting’s tinda to Max’s, for turning the radio down when we are talking, for our every sunday mass together, for fixing my hair, my make up, for those stolen kisses, for the bear hugs, for the teasing and the cuddling and the tickling, for taking me to strolls, for listening to my rants, for always taking my side (duh! you have to), for the smile i got when i see my stuff in your side table, for being friends with my bestest friends, for putting a smile on my face when i frown, for the pout that you will make when i pout, for the sorry i get when it’s your fault, for the hug i get when it’s mine, for YOUR WICKED SMILE when you say ALAM NA!, for not playing DOTA or basketball just to be with me, for our midnight phone calls, for making me shut down my laptop and forcing me to sleep early, for all our moments together and most of all, for dreaming – for the dreams you have, the ones that includes me – for the past, the present and the future. for always and forever. I love you.



  1. i so love u too girl 🙂 i got ur back.. 🙂 ill see when i come home.. for now.. fb at ym muna tayo.. 🙂 muwah muwah..


  2. we know right mare? kakatouch naman!!! alam naman natin yan na th9ugh di tau nagkikita lagi the friendship stays and remains the same… funny how we first met and the friendship grew deeper.. just remember that you have a friend in me forever… e ang lalandi ba naman natin? hahahaha


  3. i will forever have a ready ear to listen to all ur rantings and eyes to read ur uber long stories on our threads! i love you so much budi! ♥


  4. dude kakaiyak nman to and sad ako ngayon ko lang nabasa :(( lols…been trying to open the link on my phone but it wont buti nlang ni open ko na ngayon tlga =) i love you too!!! grabe wala nga pnag daanan mo pag understand sakin sa gingwa ko ngayon sayo.(dna nga ako shado nkakaoL buti nkakapag ym pa tyo kht papno) ikaw parin ang da best!basta … See Moretandaan mo, alam mo wala ka gngwang masama, therefore wala ka dapat ikahiya o ikatakot. let them talk about u, let them say anything they want. ano mggawa mo?! e artista ka nga dba?! haha sikat ka sa chismis at paninira=)) lols…basta dude, kaya mo yan, lalo pa ngayon d ka nga single..dobol na! =P u won't be alone with him and US ur friends.


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