Summer 2010 is about to end

So, it’s already the third to the last day of May, which meant – Summer’s almost over. But I am not yet ready to say good bye yet. Please. Wag muna, I deserve a break from all the emotional damage that this month has given me. It was a whirlwind month – I was either overjoyed or really in tears or like a madman. It made me unfocused, felt useless and I hate to admit, I was really really affected with what’s been happening. But in the end, I was able to pull it through. I realized why bother? Natuwa pa mga demonyo nun diba? At the end of the day, I’m still the driver of my life. I could have done something to not let this feelings come in. But what can I do, it happened already. Just let it be. God na bahala. And you know what, I am wanted and I am loved, by my family, my bestest friends and my boyfriend- san ka pa?

So 24 hours before the submission of the final paper of my school life, I was procrastinating. I started this paper even the day it was given to us. But due to my selflessness, I wasn’t able to continue it anymore. MY FAULT. I’d have to suffer the consequences – no sleep. I even felt that my paper was just shit. But I did my best with it. The bestest that I could give. I was still doing it 10 minutes before the submission time. Lucky enough, the Venture Planning peeps where still doing their recitals. Nakahabol ako, together with my batch mates.

Anyway, sumisilip na si Rainy season! yesterday it rained so hard. AS IN MALAKAS with matching kulog. Hope it won’t rain that much, especially on my birthday. Haha! And please don’t rain tomorrow. I’m hitting the beach, my favorite beach in Batangas – Acuatico.

So, I’m off packing!

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