Peter Pan to Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell: bat ka naman peter pan? taka tuloy ako sino yung nag online na peter pan
Peterpan: neverland…..

Peterpan: hehehe

Tinkerbell: second star to the right and straight till morning!

Peterpan: tama!!!!!

Peterpan: gusto ko dun ngayon…

Peterpan: ikaw nandun k ngayon eh!!!

Peterpan: hahahaha


Tinkerbell: bakit ikaw ba hindi?

Tinkerbell: eh shempre nandun ako si tinkerbell kaya ako

Peterpan: hahaha

Peterpan: yes naman

Peterpan: gusto ko lumipad

Peterpan: hahah

Peterpan: bahay ka?

Tinkerbell: yup bahay lang ako

Tinkerbell: as always

Tinkerbell: san mo gusto lumipad

Naputol ang usapan.
I missed you bestfriend.


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