You're above all these and they're below your dignity

Showbiz controversy of the week: Anne Curtis Boob slip from her wardrobe malfunction in ASAP XV Boracay taping.

Honestly, I was able to see the pictures and the video. But that was it. I need not to share them. If I can even delete them I would. I really really felt bad for my favorite girl. It was an accident and she didn’t want that to happen. Now, everyone should respect her kahit hindi na as an actress, kahit as a person na lang, as a woman. It’s sad that it had to happen, but anjan na eh, nakita na ng madlang people sa audience sa Boracay, nakita din ng mga taong nakakita nito online at nakita na din ng mga taong bumili ng tabloid at ng magazine. Pero sana meron kayong puso at conscience na wag na itong ikalat. Anjan na eh, nangyari na, pero sana stop na ngayon. Hindi maganda eh. Feeling ko ako din yung na boob slip eh. Mahal ko kasi si Anne eh. Inspiration ko siya. Masakit din for me yung nangyari sa kanya. So sa mga nagpopost nun at nagkakalat nun, konshensha niyo na lang yun, intayin ang balik ng karma, you know.. if’s Anne’s the best slut in town (as per her Celine role in Maging Sino Ka Man), KARMA naman is the best bitch in town.

Anyway, I watched ASAP XV’s Babe I Love you promo where the accident took place. Yeah, they cut the part and was so glad that despite of what happened Anne was still able to pull it through and I was deeply touched with Sam Milby’s HUG upon the end of the number and realizing what just happened. Judging from Anne’s other interviews and from what I saw in ASAP XV waah. Super nakakakilig kasi ang uber protective ni Sam sa kanya. Na-feel ko si Sam eh.

I also watched the Buzz awhile ago, inabangan ko talaga yung segment ng interview ni Anne. She’s a person with class talaga, you know she won’t stoop down to her detractor’s level. And will definitely do the same thing. She’s really emotional yet level headed. She’s a strong person because she knows she has her family, friends, supporters and Sam to hold on to. πŸ™‚ I love what her dad told her, “You’re above all these and they’re below your dignity” (which is the title of the blog, thank you daddy curt, will put it to heart too). Anne’s really an inspiration, not only with her love life, her fashion sense, her wit, her looks but also her whole being. Complete package. Thank you favorite girl πŸ™‚ I love you!

So let’s jump to the connection (of what daddy curt said to anne) to me.

I have my own Sam Milby too. πŸ™‚ He also protected me when someone tried to hurt me. I felt so good. Okay. So yeah I don’t really feel good now, something is really bothering me. That’s why I dedicate what daddy curt told The Curt about the unrespectful media people to you and to repeat it, I’m above all these and you’re below my dignity πŸ™‚ It’s just feels bad that it happened. Eh anjan na eh, wala na ako magagawa. I really feel bad since last night, but thanks to Daddy Curt’s words, I felt good na din.

I don’t deserve this. Never in my life na me inapakan akong tao, wala din akong sinaktan, kahit sinaktan ako, hindi ko nilabanan. Ayoko mangyari sa iba ang mga nangyari sakin, nagawa sa akin.. sa lang, Respeto na lang.. Yun lang hinihingi ko, masaya ako ngayon, masayang masaya.. ayoko masira itong cloud 9 ko. Kaya tama na ito. Ito na yung huling beses na magsasalita ako. Respeto lang, yun lang ang hinihingi ko.

I love you hun.. thanks for being my shield who protected me from harm.. πŸ™‚


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