Most of my closest friends know how really excited I am for my 2nd Boracay trip. My mom allowed me but she wasn’t supportive when today came because of the bad weather. I know she is just concerned and she is frightened for me because she loves me. It also came to a point when harsh words were said to me (not by my mom), and it was really really hurtful, when I (and my mom) know that it isn’t true. I was crying so hard this morning until before I left for the airport.

When I started crying awhile ago, I asked a friend to call me up. I cried to her and told me what I feel. She told me to pray and ask God for a sign to help me decide on what shall I do. I did. I just continued crying and Facebooking, until I stumbled on the application God wants you to know.. I clicked on it to know what God wants to tell me.

When the sun rises, it rises for you

Was His message for me. I firmly believed that that was the sign I asked from God. The sun rises for me meaning ride that damn plane and fly to Boracay. I did. It was very sunny up there, the skies where clear, had a very safe flight going here. I’m finally back to one of my most favorite beach in the world!

Signs are really strong actions/words that He gives us. I’ve always believed in signs. I asked for a sign when I was going to shift to Entrepreneurship, when I was deciding on what business to take, when it comes to my love life (eh?) or whatever comes my way that I find it hard deciding. It never failed me. God has always lead me to the path I should take. I’ve got this strong faith in Him, I may not be showy about it, but God is my pillar. He’s all I got.
I was overwhelmed awhile ago with a comment of a schoolmate whom I’m not really close with. It’s just now that we were able to hang out. He told me that every time he gets an issue of New Order (ESA school paper), he always read my articles and I’m really good in writing. I’m so touched for it came from someone I’m not close to. It really inspires me more to write and share my thoughts to people. Thanks Sonny!

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