Old Notebooks and Little Notes

I love finding old notebooks and reading thoughts from way, way, way back. It helps me relive the memories that I have already forgotten. It gives me an idea of what I was before, what I did before. It’s good to find out what was you from a long time ago.

But there’s also a part that I certainly don’t want to remember. That icky part when I was still in a relationship with what’s-his-name-again. I’ve already burnt every bit of notebook and notes that talks about before. Then I came across to another one while fixing some stuff. EEkk. I immediately torn the sheets into pieces. If there’s one memory in my life I wouldn’t want to remember is THAT memory. Ooops. I better stop this coz I’m certainly helping myself remember. Ew.

Let’s just move back to the fun memories. I saw old letters from my friends. Back when the days we pass on notes even if we were seatmates, even if we were neighbors. Sometimes, it was hard to remember what happened and who the people in the letter was because the story was so distant. Other than that, it really brings back memories of my childhood. I especially love reading old autograph notebooks. I had a dozen of them from different years and almost the same people wrote in it. It’s funny how you see the changes in them just through that little notebook of mine.

Today’s generation if just so different from before. Just a click away, you can send your friend a message through their wall. Just a poke or a little comment on your picture or post could tell that you friend is still alive and is still following you. Like before, receiving small notes from my friends excites me because I have something new to read, something new to keep in my box and I’m hearing from a friend. Now, it’s totally different. Even the big birthday cards we used to receive wherein every body’s signed you can get them online already. I had one from my last birthday c/o Seska. I love receiving comments from my friends, I know they came from the heart, they spare a few sec from their time just to post something on my wall – just to say hi or a sweet i miss u is enough.

But you know, despite of that one click away thingy, I’m missing those days when I get a sweet little note from my friends, handwritten with care and paper (sometimes) carefully picked just for me.

OOohhh! That gave me an idea! But not now, I’m still busy! (: *smirk*

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