Food and how glorious it is

The saying, “You never know what you’ve got til its gone” is kinda appropriate for me now. Before my Boracay trip, I don’t eat that much. I ate less rice, less bread, etc. Because my tummy’s getting bigger. haha.

So, I’m sick now. I was given a strict diet by the doctor. It consists of Lugaw, Skyflakes and Gatorade. I feel even sicker because of that. When I went to the supermarket awhile ago to buy me my “treats” I saw a dozen of food that I wanted to eat: Rice in a Box, Kitkat, M&M’s, Pesto Cheesesticks, Tinola, Adobo, etc etc. I want to eat those awhile ago. It’s so disappointing that I can’t.

Now I know what it feels like to be deprived from eating. When a few days before, I was the one who stopped myself from eating too much. Now I’m longing for them. I hope to be better now, so that I could eat the food that I want to eat! hay.

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