How I Made the Teleserye of My Life a Hit

I’m not new to the world of showbizness. I actually watched every bit of episode and every bit of shows that ABS-CBN had aired. They literally grew up in front of my eyes via the telly. But I also grew up with some of these child stars of my generation, being friends with them, hanging out with them, chatting with them and what not.

I also remember how I don’t watch in GMA because I don’t like GMA. I was solid Kapamilya. Not until most of my friends transferred there and I watch once in a while their shows there. I had a sudden realization that they could also produce some good shows, like the ones that I was able to watch, well, mostly those shows were the ones that Kuya was part of.

I was answering some stuff in Facebook when I came across with this application that let’s you choose who you would want to play you, etc. Even if I know almost every good Kapamilya star there is, I still had difficulty answering that particular question. I ended up having a good mixture of people who’d play me and the people in my life if my life would be made to a movie.

1. Anne Curtis is my most favorite pinay actress. She just have this sophisticated charm that allures her viewers and fans. I love all her roles. I believe that she’s the Anne Hathaway of the Philippines. I just simply adore her. I remember the first time I saw her, I just snobbed her. LOL. She was just sitting in one of the benches in SPCP. Little did I know, she’ll be one of my fave pinay actress. haha!

2. Coco Martin is an experiment. I use to not like him because my first impression of him was negative. But when he played the role of Xanne’s brother in Ligaw na Bulaklak, I knew that he was something. It was I think his first mainstream role for he was really into Indi films. He’s good, really!

3. Roxanne Guinoo is a bias. Despite the fact that she is a really good actress, yes, just give her the right break Star Magic! She’s a really good friend of mine. That is why I want her to play the role of my girl bestfriend. What saddens me is that Star Magic seems to forget about Roxanne, they don’t see how good she is. (im not bias at this point) They always forget their homegrown talents in exchange from those who came from the other networks (ayun, naglipatan din sa kabila). Imagine, Roxanne is part of a Maricel Soriano serye which was taped almost 2 years na yun ata, until now, hindi pa rin ini-air. Wow! Tapos labas ng labas ng new shows.

4. Vilma Santos is the legend. Who wouldn’t want her to take part the role of your mother? Her name says it all. Besides that, I always tease my mom that they look a like. haha!

5. Alessandra De Rossi is something. I never notice her before, being a Kapuso star. But with her role in Tayong Dalawa as Greta, kinabog niya every kontrabida that I’ve ever seen. I really like how she is spontaneous and really true to herself. Because of her being that, she was able to carry herself and show how the real Alex is. I also enjoy reading her Twits, I followed her because of that.

6. Carlo Aquino is Carlo Aquino. ‘Nuff said. haha.

7. Albert Martinez is the hottest father there is. I like how he doesn’t age. He’s a really good actor and I’d certainly want him as my father. He also played Vilma Santos’ husband in Bata, Bata!

8. Baron Geisler is the worst enemy you may have. From all his controversies and trophies, he’s one helluva’n actor. I remember how scary he looked like in his role in Baler.

It was really hard for me to choose my #2. I would have chosen my kuya, who’s the bestest actor of his generation I ever watched/known but it’s bias. LOL. I chose someone different. JLC, CM or Sid Lucero. It was also AM or John Estrada. ‘Twas so hard to choose.

There you have it, the people who’d play my life’s story. A good mixture of very good actors and actresses that certainly has a mark in the industry. I just hope someday, they give breaks to the people who really are good. With this people in my list, who wouldn’t make it hit?

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