Today marks the -Ber months. It only mean one thing, Christmas is already near! When I opened my Facebook this morning, most of the shoutouts there were mostly related to Christmas, people greeting everyone a happy holidays already! Gosh! Some would even hear Christmas carols from the radio already. I didn’t, because I was still asleep, no radios in the house, just my laptop in front of me and my work. I just can’t really believe that Christmas is really really near.

I still don’t know my plans for Christmas. It was supposedly a US trip (which was postponed for the 3rd time). But I guess, it wouldn’t push through for now because of time constraints. I was persuading my mommy to go to Xiamen instead. If we don’t leave, Christmas this year would be really different. My grandparents are moving to Cainta this week, meaning a new house this Christmas. It’s just sad to leave our Cavite home behind when we literally grew up there, so many memories of my childhood with my cousins there. But moving is the best thing to do for my grandparents because they’re getting weaker day by day there because of the heat and the noise. I wonder what would be the feeling of Christmas in Cainta be? hmmm.. we’ll see in 114 days!

Today, the breaking news is Senator Mar Roxas withdraws his running for the presidency elections on 2010 to give way for Senator Noynoy Aquino is ever he’ll run for president. Many say that it was the right decision for him anyway because he has slim chance of winning. Many say that Noynoy wouldn’t win it’s just the hype of her mother’s death. Whatever they say, I don’t care. For me, I laud Senator Roxas for sacrificing his politican ambition. He’s definitely one leader that should be emulated. It was really a hard decision to make but for the country’s betterment, he did what he should need to do. For Senator Aquino, on the other hand, his parents were really great politicians, it doesn’t mean that he is, too. BUT it doesn’t mean that he is not and he will not be. I’m pretty sure that he has something in store for us Filipinos and he will sincerely do everything for our country and will do his best to keep his parents’ legacy alive. We’ll just see! He hasn’t still announced his candidacy.

My favorite show, The Wedding is almost over – 3 more episodes and then no more Candice nights. SO SAD! I really learned a lot from that show. Candice agreeing to Yay Greta, “You were right about love, it will always end up breaking our hearts, but in the end, it’s always worth it” It showed how love is simply amazing, how love is always worth fighting for and how love will always be love. As Yay Greta put it, “Lubusin mo ang pagkakataong makasama mo ang mga taong pinakamamahal, huwag mong hayaang may lumipas na sandali na hindi mo pinaparamdam sa kanila kung gaano mo sila kamahal” –Which is certainly through, we should live the moment that we could always express our love to our loved ones before its too late.

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