21 Steps on How to Start Your Own Business Book

By: Dean Pax Lapid of ESA

Book launching of our dean’s book and I am more than happier to be part of it. It also served as a reunion of ESA students and alumni because we really gave our all out support to our beloved mentor. Lalo na ako, I haven’t seen some of them for the past 4 months. It was also great being able to meet/to mingle/to have your picture taken with the most successful entrepreneurs in town. They serve as an inspiration to all the younger ones like me as we travel on our own Entrep Journey. It’s a plus for us, students of ESA that we are able to meet them in events like this, and we were able to learn from them too. (Spotted: RFM/GoNegosyo pres. Joey Concepcion, Iliac Diaz, French Baker’s Johnlu Koa, F&H’s Ronald Pineda, Anthony & Maricel Laxa Pangilinan, Dra. Vicky Belo, of course Sir Joel Santos– All GoNegosyo Advocates).

Reading the book reminds me on how Sir Pax teaches us in our venture class. It’s like he’s words were put to writing. It’s the gonna be the ultimate bible for those who are just setting up their business (like me!) It’s also good to know that now, it’s just won’t be ESA students that will be mentored by our dean but also everyone and anyone that can acquire this book. Dean Pax and his co-author envisions “1000 businesses opened in 5 years BUT with the book, 1000 businesses opened in a year or in a few months” Because Entrepreneurship is the way!

Me w/ Dean Pax and schoolmate, Pam// Me w/ Schoolmates: Pam, Alvin, Rean and Bryan
Schoolmates: Ashley and Melissa, Me and Sir Iliac Diaz
With Ms. Vicky Belo
Sir Pax shared everything he knows about business through this book. Because I’ve learned so much from him, I also want you to learn from him too. So grab your copy now at National Bookstore branches nationwide!
All out support for the “Mean Dean” Congratulations Sir Pax!

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