What is Happiness?

My Philosophy professor, Sir Ed asked us to submit either a poem/song or a photo essay regarding the title of this post. Being the poetic lady that I am, I wrote a poem.

When I was a baby
I cry because I’m hungry
Milk will be given by mommy
And then I will be happy
When I was a toddler,
I bruised my knees while I was learning to walk
Lollipops and colorful band aids will do the talk
And that would make me happy
When I was in kindergarten
My first day of school, I was frightened
But as long as I see mommy from the window
It eases my fear and then I’m happy
When I was ten,
Someone’s there for me, my bestfriend
We share secrets and follow the latest trends
And absolutely, it made me happy
When I became a teen,
I fall in love for the first time
I had someone to call mine
And it made me happy
When I was seventeen,
I graduated from highschool with honors
The proudest moments of my parents I’ve seen
And it made me happy
When I was eighteen,
I got my dashing first car
I hop from bar to bar
And that made me happy
When I was twenty-one,
I got my first job
The one I’ve always wanted to have
And that made me happy
When I was twenty-five,
A proposal from my boyfriend I got
We got married right on the spot
And we were so happy
I had my first born when I was twenty-seven,
I gave him some milk and his crying lessen
Holding him in my arms, he fell asleep smiling
He didn’t know yet, but he is the reason why I’m happy
You see, from every stage of our lives, we have different things of what would make us happy. So, for me, Happiness is subjective. Happiness is different from each one of us. What could make us happy can “mature” through time.

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