The Crying Inside of Me

Twas getting cold, it's almost Christmas Love is really in the air Feeling the burning sensation in our skins The heat arises as we move in rhythm It was supposedly time's up waiting for days of delay we're not yet ready yet but come what may Signs and feelings that I may bear Excitement of... Continue Reading →

Behind the Waterfalls

We were asked to close our eyes and listen to a certain music and that we have to see something in it. We drift away with the music and think about what we saw.Then we have to either draw a picture to describe it, write about it OR write a poem about it. Knowing the... Continue Reading →

What is Happiness?

My Philosophy professor, Sir Ed asked us to submit either a poem/song or a photo essay regarding the title of this post. Being the poetic lady that I am, I wrote a poem. When I was a baby I cry because I'm hungry Milk will be given by mommy And then I will be happy... Continue Reading →

The Tinkerbell Monologue

written by margs. To Peter Pan: You know, I glow the brightest for you, even though I'm just a mere little fairy in your crew. Just a temperamental drama queen of a pixie light darting around. Tinkling bells is just what you hear, but I never really make a sound. I wanted your attention. Me... Continue Reading →

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