The Crying Inside of Me

Twas getting cold, it’s almost Christmas
Love is really in the air
Feeling the burning sensation in our skins
The heat arises as we move in rhythm

It was supposedly time’s up
waiting for days of delay
we’re not yet ready yet
but come what may

Signs and feelings that I may bear
Excitement of the moments to share
Anticipation of the joy it could bring
That small world to be my everything

Eight days and counting
It’s here and I didn’t see it coming
You just don’t know how I’m hurting
You know, I’m already hoping

Maybe, now’s not yet the right time
we still have to earn a lot of dime
To get ready for that perfect timing
We’ll make sure our future’s bright and shining

But for now, we’ll just take it slow, one step at a time
As we prepare for the rest of our lives,
Don’t worry, we still can’t wait for that day to come
When you’ll enter our lives, and make us proud.


    • oo nga darating din si bailey, oops si marcus pala, natuwa nga ako nun nag usap kami nun bday mo ehh.. natuwa naman ako, haha.. nun sinabi ko sayo, “yung anak ko”, nun naglalagay ka ng bailey’s sa baso, sabi niya sakin, “hindi pa si bailey, si marcus yan! haha” tapos nakakatawa na kinuwento ko na naglista na ako ng ninong at ninang :)) 😛 sabi niya loka daw ako, pero maya maya sinabi na niya yung ibang ninong sana. hahahaha. oh diba adik.


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