Birthday Awesomeness for my Best friend

My BIL, Bry (the BF) has been planning this night for my best friend, Aimee. He already told me about his plans a few months ago. He was so excited and all. I, with the other girls was also excited for my best friend.

It was a surprise one-hour yacht cruise at Manila Bay with all of Budi’s friends and family before the “real” celebration at Budi’s house.  Too bad, we were very late, we weren’t able to join the cruise. 😦 At least, we have a picture inside to remind us of how we were a fail that night..

We went straight to Budi’s house after for the celebration, food, drinks and karaoke!
We cheered and greeted her a “Happy Birthday” when midnight struck, since her exact birthday was today.

Other pictures from last night:

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BEST FRIEND, we may not be spending time, hanging out, talking as often as what we were a few years back, but it doesn’t mean that things will change nor we’d drift away from each other, it will never happen. Cheers to our friendship since 2000 and still counting, until we grow old.. my maid of honor 🙂

PS. May utang ka pa sa’kin na matinding bonding. 😉



  1. waaahh! *teary-eyed* thank you sooo much budi! for more than a decade of friendship and still nothing’s changed! naman! san at kelan mo gusto ang matinding bonding? mangyayari yan bago ka pa maging mrs. margaux rañosa! hahaha.. loveyou!

    ps. yacht sunset cruise next year! 🙂


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