Oh Brother.

But of course, my birthday 2014 isn't complete without my kuya/bestfriend, Carlo and Mei with Pem and bonus, Pau, Ivy and Dylan. More than a decade of friendship, still couldn't believe that we, Carlo and I are friends. Not just friends, we're family. I was a little girl who got a crush on him when... Continue Reading →

Birthday Celeb with PF 2014

God blessed me with the best friends any girl would love to have - thank you Lord for my Aimee (in Dubai) , Ses, Deo, Loraine, Kix (in US) & Michelle (Singapore) - Better late than never celebration with my girls for more than a decade. I love you girls. I miss us all together,... Continue Reading →

Coco at Discovery Suites

It's been 9 months since the last time I was in my "2nd home", Discov! You see, my family is a very loyal guest of the hotel - aside from a number of times in a year that we check-in, I also celebrated my debut and wedding there, as well as my sister's debut. Coco's... Continue Reading →

Night before Christmas

Dinner dates with my best friends for 10 years are rare nowadays, but we didn't fail to celebrate Seska's 25th birthday. We kidnapped Deo from her work and then we had an impromptu road trip to the South, testing Seska's driving skills (Good Job!). We ended at Westgate, Alabang's TJ's Tijuana Mexican Grill and Margarita... Continue Reading →

A-MR. A-Z-ing Night

It was last September when I saw the ad that my ultimate favorite, Jason Mraz is coming to town. And I swore, after all the consecutive concerts of different famous international artists has been staged in Araneta or in MOA since year, that if ever he will be having another concert here, I'd make sure... Continue Reading →

KDJ is here!

What a great place to meet up after not seeing each other for almost 2 years - Divisoria! My very very good friend, Jen arrived a few days after Christmas. But because of us being busy with our own family affairs, it's just today that we finally met up. She was with her brother in... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Bestfriend!

Dearest Budi, It's your 22nd birthday today. So happy that again, I'll spending it with you and our bestfriends. I'm so thankful that we still have each other after all these years and that no one and nothing can tear us apart. Thanks for always listening/reading my long texts whether they're problems or just plain... Continue Reading →

Sa Kanya

Shameless Plugging:Your Song presents SA KANYA PA RINstarring Roxanne Guinoo and Jake Cuencathat's tomorrow, after ASAP and before the Buzz!Wooh! I'm so excited!FINALLY! A show for actress!!! I missed watching my mare on TV. Thank God for my mare's new show (and another soap in works! with kuya timmy!)Mare, we're so happy and proud of... Continue Reading →

The Past is creeping on me

Once in a blue moon reunion with my childhood boy-friends. They're always together but their princess (which is me) is busy with her own world. I'm not their only princess anymore because almost all of them have their own girls already. Glad to meet my new girlfriends - cathy, milca and danica. So, I'm not... Continue Reading →

My very own Blair Waldorf

I haven't seen my bestfriend for quite sometime now. I super miss her and got lots of stories to tell her. She has lots of stories to tell me too. This is our much needed UBBE! Ultimate Budi-Bonding Experience. I downloaded Gossip Girl episodes for her, so she went here and we watched them. It's... Continue Reading →

"Friends you meet here, last"

Gossip Girl season 3 episode 9 speaks about Friendship. Chuck tells Nate that the reason between recent Serena-Blair catfight, "Basically, how each one loves the other more than the other loves her", as Nate replies, "Can you even fight about that?"Serena and Blair have rekindled their ties with the help of Chuck and Nate.Olivia had... Continue Reading →

Halloween Sleepover 2009

Few weeks ago, we thought of having a sleepover, when Halloween was nearing, I had an idea of dressing up for halloween and at the same time, the sleepover here at my house. So, I asked them when they wanted it. So, I made an invitation agad.I spend the whole day thinking of what food... Continue Reading →

Crema de Frap

It`s my frap's house warming today. They moved to another house `cause of Ondoy trauma. I was there early because I don't have classes, so I helped Frap make the dessert. I love making desserts.. and eating it. I haven't done this for the longest time. I'm glad that had a chance to do this... Continue Reading →

Bitter days.

Julie ambushed me. We were just chatting, after 2 hours, we're already in the mall.She asked me how was I able to accept what I had with him before?I said, I'm plain stupid.She asked if that was okay with me?I said, of course not, but what can I do.She said, what will she do?That was... Continue Reading →

My Sister's Keeper

I was supposed to have lunch with Inah and Pat at ChocKiss today. But naging hectic ang schedule. Inah told me she's going to eastwood, since I'm also going there to meet a client, we met up as well.I've been looking for My Sister's Keeper book! Finally I was able to buy it na! I... Continue Reading →

13th of September 2003

And then we became friends and life was even better for us.Didn't expect that this would happenBut I'm really glad, it did.Wouldn't trade anything for this.It was and will always be the best thing that happenedthat happened to my life. (:

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