KKG – Year 20

Don’t make friends online they say. Back in the day when not most people can afford the internet, I met a couple of girls whom I shared a common interest with. We can from different time zones. Yet we would always get to have time to do a “Conf”. Conference is Yahoo Messenger’s Group Chat. We didn’t just talk about our favorite artists then, we would also talk endlessly about our lives. They became one of my constants even if we were just connected through the Internet.

They would come visit the Philippines one by one and I’d definitely spend time with them. Yes, we never forget to have a studio picture too! Three years into our friendship, I told them that I will be going to America, three of them are located there. Maian and Karen were both in California, while Karla used to be based in Arizona. We all decided to meet up and of course, in California since that where I am staying as well. Of course, Jen wouldn’t miss our much awaited “One Day” aka “Eye ball” aka get together, so she flew from Canada to Arizona. Both Karla, her then boyfriend (now husband, Jeff) and Jen drove to California to meet us. I must say, that “One Day” was really epic. Who would have thought, right?
KKG Year 20
Our 2006 “One Day” never had “Another One Day”. But we continually met up as years go by, every time one of them were in Manila or like Maian, was able to visit Jen in Canada. Most of us got married and had kids and become each other’s children’s godparents. Time passed by, we rarely spoke to each other compared to during the early 2000’s. We once in a while update one another though but since we are in social media, we usually get updated with our posts. I guess, life happens, right? Doesn’t mean our friendship ended.

Recently, Maian and her family were in Paris. Right at the same moment we were also there. We were supposed to meet up but time wouldn’t permit us. It would be really epic if we bumped into each other at the Eiffel Tower, though. Karla is coming home here in Manila around April and I can’t wait to see our eldest KKG baby, Jaffie, my godson who is now a teen. I can’t wait to also meet her two babies whom I haven’t met yet.

I hope time would bring us all together again in one place and have that “One Day” again with all our kids and husbands together. It would be chaotic but I am sure it would be fun catching up. I miss those days and I believe the early 2000’s where the best days ever. I’ll forever cherish this sisterhood we have. Like we say, Distance isn’t a barrier for a friendship that will last forever!

Happy twenty years and 7 kids later, KKG! I miss you all!

PS. I made the collage last year on our 19th year and those were the pictures of the last time that I got together with the girls and their families.


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