Six Doors BBQ Buffet

Once in a while you treat yourself to good food, right? What more can you ask for if its good food AND buffet set up where you even cook your favorite meat and seafood by yourselves? Get to experience unlimited international cuisine PLUS Korean BBQ here at Six Doors BBQ Buffet!
Six Doors Uptown Mall 1
Six Doors is the first 3D buffet concept in the Philippines, with its first table mapping projection and 3D dining experience. It combines the world’s finest cuisines and technology bringing to your table an extraordinary dining experience. Six Doors is managed by the KungFu Master Cooking Group. It is located at Uptown Mall in Taguig City. It’s location is quite easy to access coming from the bridge entrance from Uptown Parade to the mall, as it is from the same level.

One of my first impressions as I entered the restaurant is how the corridors between the food set up are really spacious. Bumping into each other will never happen here. The seating capacity is around 200 plus, while the seating area for an individual party is again spacious enough, especially that it has a griller in the middle. The griller in the middle didn’t compromise the space that will be used for the diners’ plates. The cozy ambiance and how it was well lit is a plus for me too.
Six Doors Uptown Mall 28
International cuisine ranged from Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and European. My favorite part is how we can do grilling inside and it does not give out a smoky smell. Grill your favorite meat or seafood at the comfort of your seat. Includes a sushi bar, salad bar, pastry section, hot pot area and beverage station. Yes, you can indulge yourself with your favorite desserts and Big Scoop Ice Cream.

PS. I’m extremely happy with my unlimited tempura XD
Six Doors Uptown Mall 3Six Doors Uptown Mall 2Six Doors Uptown Mall 5Six Doors Uptown Mall 4Six Doors Uptown Mall 6Six Doors Uptown Mall 7Six Doors Uptown Mall 8Six Doors Uptown Mall 9Six Doors Uptown Mall 10
Why Six Doors? Because there are 6 VIP rooms where you can experience 3D dining as diners get immerse in another world with lights projected around the room. VIP rooms includes a butler and premium menu selection. It has 10 to 40 seating capacity.

6 doors 3d vip room
photo from 6 Doors Facebook

Let our magical train brings you to a stunning journey as SIX Doors takes you to another world filled with enchanting adventure!

PS. If you are doing buffet, I suggest you get what you can manage first. You can always go back for more! DON’T GET AND RETURN the food that you already placed in your plate. It’s common courtesy. I definite NO-NO! I experienced this when we were dining, to think that Covid-19 is still around. The lady got a lot of meat from the raw meat area and while I was getting meat, she was returning meat. I was really flabbergasted and immediately raised the concern to the 6 Doors staff. They did a great job with the situation with how they called out the lady, btw!

SIX Doors BBQ Buffet is located at 2nd Floor, Uptown Mall, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. For inquiries and reservations, call +639184843255 or email Follow their socials – Instagram | Facebook.


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