Sa Kanya

Shameless Plugging:

Your Song presents SA KANYA PA RIN
starring Roxanne Guinoo and Jake Cuenca
that’s tomorrow, after ASAP and before the Buzz!
Wooh! I’m so excited!

FINALLY! A show for actress!!! I missed watching my mare on TV. Thank God for my mare’s new show (and another soap in works! with kuya timmy!)

Mare, we’re so happy and proud of you. You deserve your show!
Patience is really a virtue.

From my friend’s experience in showbiz career, she waited for almost a year for a good project. She was accused of not so good issues and stuff in between. But alls well that ends well. 1 good project before the year ends and 1 more when the year opens. It just really proves that good things come to those who wait – patiently!


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