KDJ is here!

What a great place to meet up after not seeing each other for almost 2 years – Divisoria! My very very good friend, Jen arrived a few days after Christmas. But because of us being busy with our own family affairs, it’s just today that we finally met up. She was with her brother in law, kuya jon and his siblings, joyce and jojo and cousin dianne. We did some shopping, despite the fact na we’re actually saving our moohlah for the trip tomorrow. haha!After shopping, jen and joyce came home with me because it’s finally our trip to Boracay!

Oh.. and can I just say, super namiss ko ikaw Jeeeeeeeeeeen!!!! It’s like we don’t talk everyday eh ano? But I’m really happy you’re here and that I’m going to my paradise with you, now, i’m sharing it with you, gael and joyce!KAMPAY to this trip, and I hope it will be the best Boracay trip I’ll ever have (up to date!)

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