Three Times a Charm, Boracay!

I told you this trip would be so different from my past 2 trips!

1. Tipid mode – which is GOOD because I was able to maximize my pocket money.

2. Company – no offense to my other friends, but I was never alone sa trip na ito. I was always with someone. I didn’t feel alone even though the girls were having their “hotline/call center” with their boyfriends.

3. MOCHA RHUM – FUCK THAT. I’m so inloved with it. Jonnah’s oh Jonnah’s! I’d walk to station 1 anytime just to be with you.. hahaha!

4. New Places seen – Crystal Cove, Crocodile Island, Pacman’s Mansion, Grotto, all the way to the end of station 1 where the beautiful sunset was right in front of us.. Discovery Shores (malakaran ko lang kung san lumakad si Anne haha!)

5. Helmet Diving for the 3rd time. Zorb for the 2nd time. It’s funfunfun pa rin kahit ilang beses ko na ginagawa. I’m so happy Jen and Gael had so much fun with the shared experience we had under water and inside the ball.

I’m gonna miss you Boracay coz I’m not gonna see you again this year. But I’ll surely will, next year! <:

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