To the Debutante who changed my life

DSC_4696I met this young lady when she was still 13 (April 17th 2005). She was still a child back then. I met her through Teentalk ( She Y!Med me and we talked about a common interest. Later, she told me that she saw me in ABS-CBN one time (2 months before we first talked) and she still remembers what I was wearing. Then she told me that I look like her dad’s long lost sister, who’s name is also Margaux. I joked around telling her that “baka ako yun”. Then I also told her that it’s impossible because I don’t have an older brother. Then I remembered that I have one. So I told her that I have an older brother from my papa (whom I haven’t met, and just learned about a few years before that day) and told her his name and it’s impossible that my brother has a daughter already (cause I thought he was younger than what I thought, like a few years older than me lol). Then she said, “That’s my dad!” Of course, I was surprised but so happy. Imagine in this huge cyberworld, I met her? She told me that his dad hasn’t found her sister yet and he thinks she’s around 18 years old. She told me her father’s name and she mentioned my papa’s name and asked if he’s my papa. I said yes, of course. That moment was just so SURREAL. I’d finally meet my brother, real one PLUS I finally have my own niece! Like I didn’t have Caitlyn, CamDSC_4661mie & Sam that time, but they’re my cousin’s children. This time, She’s my own brother’s daughter! To top it off, she’s just a few years younger than me. Nakakatuwa coz we have the same interests and stuff. She told me that I look like her dad daw and she saw a baby picture of mine when she was in the States.

Since I knew about my having a real big brother when I was in 3rd year High school, all I wanted was to meet him. But what I knew back then was he lives in the States. So there’s no chance to see him or even meet him. My brother just remained a shadow in my life, with no face until that very day when Sakki Y!Med me with just a random topic. No one can really define how I felt the moment that I learned that Sakki is my niece and her dad is my brother.. It’s one memories that will forever be etched in my heart. Obviously, nakwento ko pa kung paano ang chat namin nun which was 5 years ago pa.

It’s TEENTALK who I have to blame for this. Hahaha!!! Naah… I just want to thank Teentalk… it’s because of Teentalk that Sakki and I met. Now, I just don’t have one kuya in my life, but two kuyas! It’s been my dream to have a big brother then kuya came in my life. I thought I was complete then, but kuya, my real kuya and his family came, I was even happier! And of course, to my pretty, pretty niece, Sakki, if it wouldn’t for you, my life wouldn’t feel better, I’d still be wishing for my real big brother up to now. Alam mo yun, yung longing ko, for a “family”, my papa has lessened. Thank you for coming in my life. I’m really happy to have you. You know what I always tell you, need not to repeat it again. I love you and happy 18th birthday young lady! <:

PS. Candymag – I’ve always wanted to have this story published in your magazine.. but never had a chance or connection to do so.. wish one day it will <: kasi kayo yung naging daan eh.



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