WanderWoMom’s #FamFirstAtSM

Summer is quite different for our little family this year. We are separated with each other for a whole month. In fact, as of this writing, my son and I are still away, in a vacation - out of the country, while my husband was left in Manila. My whole family (parents, siblings, my son... Continue Reading →

Labor Day and Reunions – in Lucban

It's Labor Day and it only means my Rañosa family will head to Quezon for their annual Quebrado family reunion (Tatay's mother's side). Of course, it will be my first time to join their reunion, and we also have Coco in tow. At 1 month and 5 days, Coco already had his first road trip/out... Continue Reading →

Always & Forever :-)

I couldn't believe that it's just been a week that has passed since our wedding day. I've been really busy with all the wedding preparations and what nots that I've totally neglected my blog. Days came by so fast. I was working in TER then suddenly I resigned. Then, I had the first fitting of... Continue Reading →

Super Hero Dad

I'm not really enthusiastic about all this father's day stuff because I didn't really grow up having my papa around, nor I am that close with my step dad (but I'm quite enjoying the fact how welcoming my soon to be father-in-law to me to their family). I didn't experienced piggy back rides nor some... Continue Reading →

Road Trip to Infanta, Quezon

My Lolo David is kinda weak this days and he requested that we go to the beach. Here's his request granted, November 12-13, 2011 with almost all the family here in Manila.Ate Mello's boyfriend, Roan generously opened their family's beach house in Infanta, Quezon.We left Manila at 8:30AM to Quezon, via Rizal - passing through... Continue Reading →

Trick or Treat!

Today is the 31st of October, which means, it's Halloween!!!We already had an advance celebration last Saturday and so far, it was my "best Halloween" that I could remember. haha! Ate Jet and I brought our nieces to our office for trick or treat! Loads of treats for them, JEALOUS! It's their first trick or... Continue Reading →

The Retreat.

On our Retreat we tried to go back to leap years ago, when we were still a child. Our Retreat master had us remembered what was our childhood like before. Our greatest memories.. After which, he had us write a letter to our little self.Dearest little Margaux, You were one of the luckiest kid in... Continue Reading →

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