Super Hero Dad

I’m not really enthusiastic about all this father’s day stuff because I didn’t really grow up having my papa around, nor I am that close with my step dad (but I’m quite enjoying the fact how welcoming my soon to be father-in-law to me to their family).

I didn’t experienced piggy back rides nor some one to drive me to and from school. No watching by the window as you park the car and I await for your pasalubong. No one to keep me safe and protect me. But I’m lucky I have my Super Mommy.

But I’ll make sure – Jhe and I will make sure that our future children will have their daddy big and strong who will always give them the best hugs and kisses. Jhe will always don his cape and fly in the sky, and will always catch them if they fall, if they get a bruise or if they cry. He will always be around.

To my Angelo, you may not wear an underwear over your pants or you don’t even fly, you can’t run faster than a speeding bullet nor is bullet proof, but you will always be our future children’s bestest and number 1 Super Hero. Happy very advanced Father’s day my love..

PS. You are doing great being “father” to the girls. They’re lucky to have you in their life, I bet they are proud to have you as their tito. 😉

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