Sweet Valley Confidential

PhotobucketLast year, I was so excited learning about Francine Pascal’s new book about the Wakefield twins. They were my favorite girls/icons/role models while growing up. I always loved Elizabeth. But I wasn’t able to purchase a copy until last week and finished it just a while ago.

When I was 9 years old, when asked to sign an autograph book. It will always be Sweet Valley and Francine Pascal in my favorite book and author. I firmly believe that my love for books started the first time I held a copy of Sweet Valley Kids back in third grade, when we were already “legal” to go to the big library in my old school. Since then, I’ve been so addicted. I borrowed from my classmates and bought my own copy with my hard earned savings. When you are 9 years old, it is so hard to save at least 50-60 pesos for a Sweet Valley book and I always love that feeling of the new SV book held in my little hands at least every week. Moving forward to 2011, I still have most of my books here. I don’t really know where the others went since we moved houses in 2004. I don’t really know or remember how and when new books stops coming. But as far as I remember, I stopped buying when I didn’t see anything on the bookshelf anymore. Mind you, even as a child, I always go to the bookstore more than once a week.

Oh yes. The Wakefield twins and their friends, Todd, Winston, Lila, Bruce and etc. where the IT People in the ’80’s-’90’s, move over Bella and Edward. And then I grew up, moved on to Mitch Albom, Nicholas Sparks with a huge dose of Meg Cabot add up JK Rowling, but these girls remain 7-years old or 16-years old to me, it may seem that I’ve already forgotten about them, I do not. They will always be special to me.

When Confidential came out. I never read the synopsis because I want it to be a “Surprise” to me. I just know that this book happens 10 years after – and now they are a 27-year old adults with a little R-Rated on the side.

Now I’m done reading it. 3 nights.

I was greatly confused with it’s timeline since it jumps to present to past back to present and in different times (from 10 years ago, 5 years ago, 8 months ago). It has a weird timeline that I just came to finally understand upon reaching the middle of the book.

But while reading, I kind of enjoyed remembering the characters and their personality, families, friends and familiar places. But I didn’t like the plot of the story. I really hate stories of betrayals. 😐

I was disappointed that Elizabeth and Todd didn’t end up with each other. I was shocked with Winston Egbert and Steven Wakefield. I didn’t like what happened to the twins. And where is Amy Sutton and Ellen Riteman? Messing up the perfectly perfect Wakefield Family. Sweet Valley is really different from the Sweet Valley I grew up to. They lived separate lives with a different outlook because of certain instances that occurred in their lives. I had a heavy heart reading this. We also see Elizabeth going wild but will always and still remain the good daughter between her and Jess and we also see Jess grows up to maturity.

And overall, we will come to know and realize that most people aren’t the same when they are grown up as they are in high school. Yes. People really does change but there will always be few things that will be left the same. Even so, I don’t regret my trip back to Sweet Valley and catch up with a few “old friends”. It is fabulous and horrible, I really couldn’t be sure, since we’re talking about Sweet Valley.

PS. It’s just so unrealistic how Liz forgives Jessica that quick!!!! And Bruce Patman is the original Chuck Bass!

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